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Pix! (Click me)

(Yes, I went to one of the top five dive sites in the world and did not dive. Don't judge me.)
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OK, now they are just mocking me.

The LJ post I made a month ago - in which I complain about spam comments to old LJ entries - just got spammed.
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Am I the only one who is suddenly - after years of being a member - getting spam comments in my past journal entries? 3 in a week to posts that are a year or more old.
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These projects that take weeks and cost oodles of dollars, I figure they deserve their time to shine.

Before we moved here in '94, this house had a garage, but it fell down. We are forbidden by the city to build a new one without a permit and we probably won't get one because the building bylaws are more stringent now in terms of the space structures need form property lines and other buildings.

But my car still gets covered in snow and leaves and bird poop for the cherry tree.

So I spent the last month and a half building a carport.  No walls, just a roof. (Besides, if it had walls, I would not be able to open the car doors.)

It's built of cedar:

It's got a transparent roof so it isn't claustrophobia-inducing:

It's environmentally-aware. (I cannot bring myself to cut down tree limbs. I incorporate them.):

And it's stylin'. I was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House in Pennsylvania:

Time: approx 60 hours over six weeks
Size: 22' x 10' x 6-8'
Cost: approx $1500
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The weather this weekend was too spectacular not to go for a sail to the Island.

Seasaw moored



Chicken Coop

Seasaw moored under bridge

Sunset over water
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Today, IE8 wants to be set up. (I do not want to use it, I will only use it long enough to download Firefox or Chrome)

The first thing it wants to do is install Bing. I said no thanks. But in order for me to say no thanks to installing Bing, IE8 must make changes to my system. I said no.

It will not exit IE without either installing Bing or modifying my system for some reason having to do with Bing. I have no choice. Not even the X in the upper right corner responds. (I get the admonishing "you can't do that" ding if I click anywhere in the IE window at all.)

I must reboot my system (or at least kill the errant app) and, I guess I can never open IE again since it will never let me close it. This is not a bug; this is intended design as per Microsoft.

Trapped in Bing install

You totally suck Microsoft.

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Having been forced to reinstall Windows, I now want my email back. I've recovered all the folders containing my emails from my earlier Windows Live Mail, I try to Import them with my current Windows Live Mail...

Windows Live Mail Import

...which does not recognize them. This is moronic.

Microsoft, you suck.

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I do believe I have reached the breaking point and am now simply counting the days until I am free of Microsoft and PCs forever.

To celebrate this turning of a corner, I have decided to start posting some of the more moronic things they do,

Here's the first one.Windows Live Mail Export

I want to export my mail to something more readable and storable. Microsoft figures the only possible things I might want to export to is
a] Microsoft Exchange
b] Microsoft Windows Live Mail (which they're currently in)

It would appear that Microsoft simply does not understand the very concept of 'Export'. This is moronic.

Microsoft, you suck.

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Went out for a night at the Mambo Lounge. A little bit if Cuba on the Danforth...

Centrepiece was a pig roast on the back deck.

It rained a bit. I went across the street and got $20 worth of umbrellas. There was mucho Mojitos.

Had a hand-rolled cigar made while we wait.

A Cuban band

To which there was much mamboing

And much cigarage. In the rain.

The owner would not let us leave without pouring the 4 of us a shot of his best rum for a toast.

We had a blast. It was like a 4-hour vacation to Cuba.

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A couple of better pix of Sea Saw.

At her mooring at Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club.
Sea Saw at her mooring

Overnighting at Cathedral Buffs, with full canopy.
Sea Saw at Cathedral Bluffs


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