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Creepy-sweet Dream - davesbrain — LiveJournal
Creepy-sweet Dream
No idea whatsoever why I dreamed this, or whether my unconscious needs therapy. But it was so coherent I had to sketch it.

In my dream I find this carved piece of ceramic amongst some abandoned boxes in a house. It was crafted by a doctor who lovingly cared for his patient over the years as she was dying.

The carving is in blue Wedgewood china. It's smooth, round and featureless, like a riverstone, and it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, no matter which way you hold it.

A secret panel slides open on the front and reveals writing etched white into the ceramic., It chronicles all the details of her illness in a little calendar, right up until the day of her death -  March 09, 1905. She had died of uterine cancer.
My unconscious self is sobbing as I turn the object over and over in my hands, examining the craftmanship.

But when I tilt it to look at the base, there is a large organically-shaped cavity hewn into it. Deep up inside the cavity is a mass of china-white dreadlocks, carved so exquisitely finely that, despite being ceramic, they are soft and flexible, like a mass of steel wool. I can push them aside to see that, buried deeper within the cavity, the dreadlocks erupt from the skull of a skeletal torso. It is Death, in her uterus.
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